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Shake Up Learning Show

May 14, 2019

These days, we have all sorts of learning at our fingertips, including through podcasts! I’ve learned so much from listening to other educators sharing their ideas, tips, and lessons in podcasts, and I bet you have too.

The wide variety of podcasts out there lets you choose exactly what subjects interest you. Teachers should get professional learning credit where credit is due, so let’s dig into some ways that you may be able to get credit for listening to podcasts.

It isn’t necessarily easy to determine how much credit a teacher should get. Episodes aren’t always an hour long. Even if they are, there probably isn’t an hour of learning content, because there are other things in there too.

One of my solutions to this is to include my question of the week in each podcast episode. This is one way of providing evidence of learning, and potentially getting credit for it.

Today, I’ll share recordings from several teachers who explain what they’re doing in this regard. Carlos Garza has made a tracker to record your professional learning. Next, Laura Cahill shares her strategy for making online learning more accessible to teachers.

After that, I’ll share some resources from Meredith Akers, who provided her EDU Podcast Tasting 2.0 and EDU Podcast Tasting and Podcasts and Pedometers. You’ll also hear how Jennifer Bell applies Meredith’s ideas.

I hope this lesson inspires you and helps show you how to get credit for listening to podcasts! It may take some effort and time, but I truly believe this is a valuable cause that will benefit teachers.

In This Episode:

[00:28] - Kasey welcomes listeners to the show, and explains that today’s topic is how to get credit for listening to podcasts (like this one!).

[01:17] - This week’s shoutout goes to Stephanie Ross Evans, Diane Royer, and Vicki Heupel, who all recently became Google Certified Educators! Stay tuned to learn more about Kasey’s courses.

[02:26] - Kasey shares the purpose of this episode, and explains what podcast PD is.

[06:21] - You can check out Kasey’s recommended podcasts for teachers at this link. Kasey briefly covers what each of these podcasts is about.

[13:33] - This list is just scratching the surface, Kasey explains. Podcasting has never been hotter than it is now!

[14:28] - Kasey points out that there are many ways that teachers are getting credit for listening to podcasts, and explains some of the complications.

[16:27] - We hear about one of the ways that Kasey designed into each episode to help give evidence of teachers’ learning.

[18:52] - Kasey shares some ways that some schools are giving credit for podcasts. She then shares Carlos Garza’s insight into tracking online learning.

[22:08] - The next tip comes from Laura Cahill, who has a creative strategy for encouraging her community to listen to podcasts.

[25:00] - Kasey shares some resources from Meredith Akers: EDU Podcast Tasting 2.0 and EDU Podcast Tasting and Podcasts and Pedometers.

[29:51] - We hear about the Podcasts and Pedometers concept in more depth.

[31:45] - Kasey invites teachers to think about whether there’s someone they can talk to about the idea of credit for podcasts.

[33:00] - Attention, administrators! This section, the podcast question of the week, is for you. Ready? Name three ways that podcasts have helped improve your teaching and impacted your students. Post your answers in the Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook, or on your favorite social media platform using the #ShakeUpLearning hashtag.

[34:00] - You can find all of the podcast questions of the week at this link.

[34:51] - Have you thought about getting Google Certified? Kasey can help! She helps educators get certified through her three online courses:

The Google Certified Educator Level 1 Academy

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Become a Google Certified Trainer Online Course

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