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Shake Up Learning Show

Jun 18, 2019

Tune in today to learn more about The Learning Mixologist - #ISTE19 sneak peek with Holly Clark. We first presented this information at FETC and the information provided is from both of our books and learning frameworks!

Holly has been in education for over 20 years and is now working to spread the concept of the #InfusedClassroom.

Despite having technology in the classroom, many schools use their Chromebooks and tablets as high-priced reference materials rather than the collaborative portals they can be.  

Holly and I will dig into how we created the Learning Mixologist presentation by merging and enhancing our two learning development ideologies.

We share some of our favorite recipe cards for Shaking Up and Infusing your lessons by utilizing a variety of technology platforms in the classroom, such as Adobe Spark, G Suite, and podcasting.

We are so excited to chat more about the Learning Mixologist ideologies and templates.

Check out this episode for a sneak peek into the ways you can infuse technology into your shaken up classroom!

In This Episode:

[00:29] - Kasey welcomes listeners to the show and introduces her special guest Holly Clark. They are providing a special sneak peek at their ISTE presentation!

[02:28] - Did you know that you can leave a voicemail to ask questions or leave a shout out? Check out a wonderful thank you from Sheila Rambo on today’s show.

Join the Shake Up Learning Summer Book Study

[03:34] - Join Kasey in the Shake Up Learning Summer Book Study from July 11th to August 8th, 2019.

Learn more at this link, then head to the special Facebook group where each week we will discuss 4 chapters from Kasey’s book.

We will share #booksnaps, ideas, lessons, failures and successes, links, and a whole lotta ways to Shake Up Learning!

[05:03] - Holly joins Kasey on the show and gives listeners some background information about herself and her education journey.

[06:10] - Check out Holly’s first book, The Google Infused Classroom, available on Amazon.

In it, Holly shares how to build the culture and strategy involved in utilizing powerful technology integrations and design thinking protocols to inspire innovative teaching.


[08:01] - Holly is using Go EdSpace Live at ISTE to share all the fun and knowledge from ISTE Live accessible to educators anywhere!

The Learning Mixologist: Shaken and Infused, Never Stirred

[10:12] - Holly digs into the infused learning framework that she has developed for integrating technology in the classroom successfully.

[13:03] - Kasey gives a high-level overview of the Dynamic Learning framework and how to move learning beyond. (See also episode 3 for an in-depth look at the Dynamic Learning Framework.)

[18:27] - Holly and Kasey merge the two frameworks and distill ingredients for the Shake Up and Infusion in the Learning Mixologist.

[20:46] - Kasey explains the goal of the quick start recipe cards that you can find here.

These recipe cards provide templates you can use to Shake Up and Infuse lessons in your classroom. (Make a copy of the recipe card template here.)

[21:38] - Holly shares the recipe card for shaking up writing assignments by infusing Adobe Spark.

[24:34] - Kasey provides a recipe to shake up student publishing by infusing podcasts and developing creative communication skills.

[28:51] - Listeners learn about how to develop these recipes from beginner to BAM! - a la Emeril.

[29:42] - Holly suggests that you check out GoSynth and Padlet for creating collaborative podcasts in the classroom.

[31:34] - Check out Holly’s Chromebook Course! She collaborates with experts in various applications and processes to provide actionable information you can use to energize and inspire your students.

[34:44] - Find Holly on Instagram @HollyClarkEDU, Twitter @HollyClarkEDU, on her blog, and check out her podcast: The #InfusedClassroom Podcast

Podcast Question of the Week

[36:26] - Kasey shares the podcast questions of the week:

“How will you use the Learning Mixologist recipes to shake up and infuse the learning in your classroom? Name two ideas you will try.”

Post your answer to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #ShakeUpLearning, or share it in the Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook!

[38:23] - Thank you for tuning in! Please subscribe to the podcast, and leave a review on iTunes. (Bonus points if you use the word “y’all” in your review!)

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