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Shake Up Learning Show

Nov 12, 2019

Coaching a coach is an interesting experience, but everyone has struggles that they need to mastermind one in a while. Alison Jalufka is a Learning Coach at an elementary school in her Central Texas school district. She started her teaching career in elementary education as a first-grade teacher for ten years when the opportunity to make an impact as a technology and learning coach was presented to her. 

Alison now supports the elementary teachers in her district along with a team of coaches to help implement a technology-based learning curriculum in the classroom. She has been tasked with developing a professional learning and development framework to better serve her teachers and had questions about how to bring the expectations of her position to fruition. 

Kasey and Alison chat about creating actionable goals both for her individually and for her position. She already knows that she needs to find ways to better integrate the 4Cs into each workshop that she develops, but what else is needed? Kasey helps her talk through the process of creating her goals and how best to integrate learning and processes into each action and activity.

There are so many great nuggets of information in this on-air coaching session that you won’t want to miss. Many of the barriers that Alison faces each day are likely similar to yours. Listen in as they discuss strategies for better tackling the problems with teacher buy-in and why building relationships and creating open lines of communication are the keys to success for a Learning Coach. Alison is already doing so many things right, but with just little mindset shifts here and there, she could be smashing her administrator’s expectations.

In This Episode:

[00:29] - Welcome back and get ready to meet Alison Jalufka, a Learning Coach.

[01:24] - Shout out to Daniel Island School for having me out to deliver the Dynamic Learning Workshop. Special thanks to Pam Hubler for making it happen.

[02:54] - What is a learning coach and how do they help teachers? 

[04:53] - Learn what the vision for Alison’s position within her district was meant to be.

[05:39] - When they removed the word “digital” from her title, did they change her expectations? 

[06:45] - Alison shares the technology map for her district and the barriers she faces with integration.

[07:38] - How are the teachers responding to tech integration in their classrooms? 

[09:26] - Do the teachers on her campus understand her purpose is to help them in a variety of ways? 

[11:22] - What does communication with her teachers look like? 

[13:21] - Is Alison given guidelines from her administrator on how to approach her role? 

[13:47] - How does she communicate and meet with other Learning Coaches in her district?

[15:42] - Does she meet with the principal of her school and set goals together? 

[17:46] - Is she meant to be involved in professional development with her teachers? 

[19:18] - Learn why teacher buy-in is one of Alison’s biggest struggles and how she is working to overcome it.

[22:02] - How has Alison approached the 4Cs in the past and what has she implemented this year?

[26:33] - What is the best way to present the 4Cs for professional learning? 

[29:38] - Alison shares the best workshop she attended as a teacher for professional learning.

[31:54] - Has she delivered any professional learning workshops since being in the coach position? 

[35:07] - What goals would Alison like to accomplish before this semester is over?

[40:03] - Learn one of the best ways to help teachers understand that we’re not adding to their workload, we’re altering it.

[42:26] - Don’t forget to share the time-saving hacks that you use in your newsletters.

[45:24] - Alison shares some of her final takeaways and next steps.

Podcast Question of the Week

[47:48] - Kasey shares the podcast questions of the week: 

How can you use the ideas from this episode to make an impact as a coach? 

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