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Shake Up Learning Show

Oct 22, 2019

Learning how to engage students is one of the biggest challenges for educators today. There is so much noise to cut through just to be heard much less teach tomorrow’s generation. Dave Burgess has made a career out of finding exciting ways to engage even the toughest audience out there and he’s here to let you know that YOU Can Teach Like a Pirate too!

Dave shares how he stumbled into teaching after taking a coaching job out of college. It was during his years of coaching that he realized he loved finding ways to inspire the toughest kids in his classroom. He brought together his experience as a magician and an MC and found creative ways to bring life and fun into his classroom. After putting together a presentation to help other teachers in his district better engage their students, Teach Like a PIRATE was born. He has now partnered with several other experts in various areas of teaching to expand on the original PIRATE system. 

You don’t have to be a Dave or a Kasey to meaningfully engage your students. Every single teacher has strengths and experiences that can help them to motivate their classrooms in becoming the best students they can be. One of the most often heard comments both Dave and Kasey hear from the teachers they coach is, “but I’m not like you…” Learn why you don’t have to be anybody but your unique self to create the best classroom environment for your students.

Dave is a true character and his passion for teaching is evident in everything that he does. You won't want to miss what’s coming up next for Dave Burgess Consulting Inc! Hint - something is coming out this year! There’s also another book coming out in the near future AND Dave shares some insights into what you’ll experience at PIRATECon in 2020. This episode is chock full of great information! Listen in to learn all about teaching like a pirate. 

**Disclaimer: There should be no robbing or swearing or killing. We aren’t actual pirates y’all!**


In This Episode:

[00:29] - Welcome back and get ready to learn from author, comedian, and magician Dave Burgess!

[01:31] - Shout out to Dr. Nic Nalu for sharing his Shake Up Learning book study group! 

[02:44] - Kasey welcomes Dave Burgess the author of Teach Like a PIRATE.

[03:43] - Dave shares his background and how he made his way into teaching, consulting, and creating a publishing company.

[07:14] - Hear how one question from Dave led to the reality of Shake Up Learning.

[08:50] - Learn what it means to Teach Like a PIRATE.

[10:08] - Dave reveals one of his favorite hooks from the Teach Like a PIRATE system.

[11:21] - Why everyone can teach like a pirate even if you’re not a performer.

[13:58] - Search #TLAP for additional resources and on Monday nights join the Twitter chat.

[16:39] - Dave discusses the evolution of the “Like a PIRATE” brand.

[19:12] - Learn what’s coming out next from DBCI publishing.

[23:07] - What is Dave’s philosophy on integrating technology into the classroom?

[24:52] - Hear Dave chat about what’s coming up next for him and DBC to include Pirate Con!

[28:35] - Dave has a new product coming out before the end of the year!

[29:31] - Connect with Dave.

[30:36] - Dave leaves the listeners with one piece of advice.

Podcast Question of the Week

[31:37] - Kasey shares the podcast questions of the week: 

How do you “hook” your students to keep them engaged and motivated like TLAP?

Post your answer to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #ShakeUpLearning, or share it in the Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook!

[33:23] - Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to the podcast, and leave a review on iTunes. (Bonus points if you use  the word “y’all” in your review!)

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