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Shake Up Learning Show

Aug 20, 2019

It’s time for another on-air coaching session! My guest on this episode is Vicki Huepel, a high school science teacher from Montana, and member of the Shake Up Learning community, who is trying to create meaningful collaboration in the classroom. Listen in and we breakdown an entire lesson to see where it can be elevated and updated. 

Vicki has put together a lesson in which her students complete a variety of tasks dedicated to researching and explaining the digestive system. In the past, she has mostly lectured the students and then they would complete labs. She shares the changes she has already made to the lesson and then the coaching begins.

Putting yourself in the hot seat of on-air coaching takes courage and Vicki did an amazing job, I ask her to dig deeper into her lesson as well as her overall teaching style to find the ways in which this one lesson can be elevated. The best part is hearing her realize that the steps we take in this episode are applicable to the classroom as a whole. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deep dive into assessment, collaboration, and using tech to uplevel your lessons. 

In This Episode:

[00:29] - Welcome back! Today’s guest is science teacher Vicki Heupel, in the hot seat for on-air coaching. 

[01:31] - Shout out to Gail Falewicz for her super sweet email about my book. 

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[02:35] - Kasey answers a question she received on SpeakPipe from an anonymous listener:

“What are the best ideas for the evaluation lesson you do for your principal?”

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[05:56] - Vicki shares a bit about her background and her experience with The Google Certification courses.

[10:32] - Hear Vicki describe her classroom and the devices and applications she and her students use.

[15:33] - Why did Vicki pursue on-air coaching?

[19:14] - Learn why Vicki wants to revamp her digestive system lesson and increase collaboration.

[23:25] - Kasey asks a series of coaching questions about changes Vicki has already made to her lesson and classroom.

[27:40] - If the lesson were a 10, how would it have changed? What would the students be doing? 

[30:41] - What pushes the lesson to a level 10? 

[34:31] - How can the lesson efficacy be assessed before and after the changes? 

[36:39] - Would assigning roles help build collaboration more quickly? 

[39:18] - Kasey digs deeper into what could be changed to make the lesson great.

[43:31] - Keep in mind that every lesson has to adjust to the students in the room.

[44:08] - What is the goal of collaboration within this particular lesson? 

[48:47] - How could Vicki make the group assessment process work time over time?

[51:55] - Would Flipgrid enhance the assessment process? 

[53:18] - Can the changes for this lesson be applied to Vicki’s classroom as a whole? 

[54:14] - What is the next thing that Vicki needs to do to get ready?

Podcast Question of the Week

[58:07] - Kasey shares the podcast questions of the week: 

How can you make collaboration more meaningful and purposeful in your classroom?

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