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Shake Up Learning Show

Jul 16, 2019

Today’s show is a little bit different y’all. I spent some time with 10 educators talking about 10 awesome ways to use Flipgrid in your classroom [LIVE from ISTE] at the Flipgrid booth. You won’t want to miss the big updates Flipgrid announced at ISTE that Adam “Short-Shorts” Goldberg shares!

The educators that stood up to speak shared some amazing tips on how to get the most out of Flipgrid in your classroom. From using it to encourage collaboration on projects, creating global classrooms, and giving students a way to practice giving feedback, the tips were fantastic and unbelievably actionable.

Learn about some amazing application integrations that educators are using to make Flipgrid even more impactful. Between the educators in the booth and the Flipgrid team members, this episode is full of fantastic advice. You won’t want to miss it!

In This Episode:

[00:29] - Welcome back y’all! Kasey brings you episode 21 live from ISTE!

[02:25] - Shout out to Wanda Terral for her amazing sketch notes and everything she shares, including sketching my choice board session at ISTE! Find her on Twitter @wterral

[03:38] - Kasey introduces the show life at ISTE in the Flipgrid booth! Adam “Short-Shorts” Goldberg shares the big updates that Flipgrid announced at the conference. Check out all of the updates here:

[06:18] - First up to the mic is Brook Veazey to share how smashing Flipgrid with Geo Tools has changed her classroom.

Connect on Twitter @NBVeazey

[06:59] - Debbie Tannenbaum uses Flipgrid to help her students script and record live presentations.

Connect on Twitter @MrsTannenb

[08:46] - Stewart Lee shares how classrooms teaching the same curriculum in different schools in his district help their students collaborate on projects. Using Google docs the students provide feedback on the Flipgrid videos before they approach local businesses with their project proposals. This project led some of the students to jobs! 

Connect on Twitter @mrleeteaches

[10:00] - Eric De La Rosa uses Flipgrid to reach his teachers and administrators with tech integrations the district is investing in. He also uses Flipgrid in his ed-tech consulting business.

Connect on Twitter @EricDe_La_Rosa

[11:55] - Lester Dinerstein uses Flipgrid and Anchor to help his students create podcasts on Julius Caesar. He also shares an awesome tip on keeping up with the feedback component.

Connect on Twitter @MrDsengclasss

[13:59] - Mike Mohammad and his fourth-grade teachers use the tech to welcome their classrooms and then build on the grids over the course of the year. They also use it to ask for their student’s feedback on upcoming assignment pitches. Learn how they use Canvas and Flipgrid to automate assignments.  

Project Pitch Video Instructions:  

Canvas Flipgrid integration: 

Connect on Twitter @Mo_Physics

[15:14] - Learn how Jen Leban uses Flipgrid to reduce the number of classroom hours needed for providing feedback on assignments and presentations.

Connect with Jen @:

[16:36] - Are you using Flipgrid to increase collaboration across campuses? Knikole Taylor is and she tells you how.

Connect on Twitter @knikole

[18:08] - Laura Krenicki shares why noise-canceling headphones are a must for watching videos in a classroom. Also, check out the resources below on creating global classrooms. 

You may find more info about this Global Collaboration Project on

Connect on Twitter: @laura_krenicki

[19:26] - Krysten Gunn uses Flipgrid to help create a collaborative environment for learning math and strategizing problem-solving. Her fourth-graders love learning from each other.

Connect on Twitter @topgunnteaching

[20:34] - Learn why Flipgrid is unbelievably easy to use and what Kasey’s favorite features are.
[23:27] - Shout out to Flipgrid for letting Kasey try the live recording and all the wonderful things they are doing for the education community.

[24:22] - Check out some final tips from educators and Flipgrid-ers in the audience.

[28:37] - Hear the power of Flipgrid in helping one woman’s child find his voice.

Podcast Question of the Week

[33:06] - Kasey shares the podcast questions of the week: 

Name two ways you can use Flipgrid to give students voice in your classroom.

Post your answer to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #ShakeUpLearning, or share it in the Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook!

[35:28] - Thank you for listening and I hope you feel like you got to be a part of the ISTE conference! Please subscribe to the podcast, and leave a review on iTunes. (Bonus points if you use  the word “y’all” in your review!)

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