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Shake Up Learning Show

May 7, 2019

I’m excited for today’s conversation with one of my favorite edtech gurus! Tony Vincent from Learning in Hand is shares many genius tips in this episode. He’s passionate about offering practical tools and strategies that you can implement right away, so he’s a perfect fit for the show.

In case you’re not already familiar with him, Tony is a fifth-grade teacher from the Council Bluffs Community School district in Council Bluffs, Iowa who loves empowering students to be creative communicators. Previously, he was a self-employed education and technology presenter.

After his 15-year break from being in the classroom, Tony observes that a big difference is that there’s so much more curriculum and every second of the day is full. He’ll chat today about what giving students more voice and choice looks like in this environment.

If you need inspiration for a class brand and website, don’t miss this conversation! Tony explains that he started off with a construction theme before he and the class constructed and designed a name and logo.

Tony will also share some insight into how he makes groups work well by assigning jobs to specific students. The three roles that he has settled on are questioner, monitor, and recorder.

And that’s not it! Tony is a fantastic resource, and I promise you’ll come away from this episode inspired and empowered to make your classroom the best it can be.


In This Episode:

[00:28] - Welcome to episode 11 of the Shake Up Learning Show! Kasey’s guest today is Tony Vincent.

[01:48] - Today’s shoutout goes to Amber Cordova who sent Kasey an amazing tweet!

[03:40] - Kasey shares a little story to explain how excited she is to talk to Tony in today’s conversation.

[05:18] - Tony talks a bit about what he does, where he does it, and how he helps teachers.

[07:19] - After being out of the classroom for 15 years and then going back in, what has Tony learned?

[08:42] - We hear more about what giving students more voice and choice looks like in a fifth-grade classroom.

[10:36] - Tony shares some of the problems that he ran into while given students choices.

[13:24] - How does Tony decide when to assess when his students are given choice?

[14:57] - We learn about how Tony finds a balance between helping kids learn things they’re interested in while still meeting the curriculum needs.

[16:50] - Tony talks about the kinds of technology he has access to and the activities he’s been doing with his students.

[19:37] - Listeners can see Tony’s class website at Pixel Paws.

[22:16] - We hear more about Tony’s process of having kids brand the class.

[24:06] - How is Tony using the podcast (or “Pawcast”) in his Pixel Paws class? He shares the good and bad news about it.

[27:34] - Tony explains how he’s using Google Slides for the Pixel Paws newsletter.

[29:48] - Did Tony get special permission from parents to get student videos up on YouTube?

[30:50] - Tony talks about how he has used a 3D printer in the classroom this year.

[32:27] - What are the three jobs that Tony gives kids when they’re in groups?

[34:42] - We hear about a couple of courses that Tony offers for teachers: Classy Graphics and Classy Videos.

[38:52] - How can people join the class that Tony has been talking about, and when does it start?

[40:45] - Tony talks about how listeners can find him to learn more or get in touch.

[41:42] - Kasey shares the podcast question of the week: “In what ways do you give students a voice in their classroom and their learning?” Name at least three new ideas you learned from Tony Vincent and how you could implement in your classroom. Post your answers in the Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook, or on your favorite social media platform with the #ShakeUpLearning hashtag.

[42:26] - Have you thought about getting Google Certified? Kasey can help! She helps educators get certified through her three online courses:

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[44:50] - Kasey thanks listeners for tuning in today. If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe and leave a podcast review on iTunes (including the word “y’all” if you can fit it in!).


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